MatchID – Metrology beyond colors

MatchID is a university spin-off, developing open, high-end, engineering software.

At the core of MatchID’s offering sits a holistic DIC-platform, providing quantitative result interpretation with integrated error assessment.

Many DIC systems generate coloured images to mark changes, such as strains or displacements; mostly operating by the black-box principle, these results merely show WHAT is happening in your experiment.

MatchID however answers the more important question: WHY and HOW does deformation happen; we provide insight into result creation, rather than having you test presumptions, thereby taking Digital Image Correlation to the next level.

Building on our DIC results, we do identification of mechanical properties of materials through the Virtual Fields Method (VFM).

Structural validation of Finite Element simulations is also supported, by establishing a one-to-one relation between model and experiment in the FEA module (FE-VAL).

Ultimate flexibility is offered by allowing direct interaction with external scripts, functions or programs through our universal Programming Language Interface (PLI).

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Quantitative Imaging Solutions

2D, Stereo and Multi-Camera Digital Image Correlation

Shape, displacement and deformations of materials and structures

Grid method based on phase-analysis for very small deformations

A true engineering tool with total flexibility able to run in batch mode

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Optimized Testing

⬢ Customized hardware according to your application

⬢ Alignment, speckle analysis and focusing tools

⬢ Vibration, Fatigue, Static or High-Speed

⬢ Synchronization with external signals

⬢ Real-Time DIC and feedback for external control

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Match ID DIC

True digital twin – direct model validation

⬢ Get quantified validation of your finite element simulations

⬢ Levels the FEA data through the entire DIC engine via FEA-based images

⬢ Generate full-field error and validation maps

Identify mechanical material properties

 Seamless integration of the virtual fields method

 Reduced testing time and material usage
 Elasticity, plasticity, hyperelasticity, visco-elasticity, visco-plasticity

Intuitive and Elaborated Data Handling

⬢ Dataset and multi-viewport concept 

⬢ Strain, velocities, accelerations, strain rates, … and stresses

⬢ FFT and modal analysis tools

⬢ AppStore: Custom application development


Performance Analysis

⬢ A “design of experiments” for DIC

⬢ Generate metrological charts to determine optimum DIC user setting

⬢ Detailed insights into signal and noise evolution and dependencies

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Uncertainty quantification and virtual testing

⬢ Generate benchmark FEA-based synthetic images with known values

⬢ Evaluate the inherent systematic error in DIC

⬢ Create a virtual test campaign to optimize experiments

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