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Encoders for machines and industrial applications. 

Sensors for Drilling and Mud Logging


Hohner is a family owned business which started off making Optical Encoders for the general industrial market over 35 years ago.  We have self contained manufacturing facilities in Canada, UK, Germany, Italy and Brasil.

Each location focuses on it’s own geographical market and industrial applications.  Thus we are able to share technology and parts.

From a ‘simple encoder’ manufacturer, Hohner now specializes in Rig Instrumentation, Mud Logging and Systems for Drilling Rigs with full ATEX, (C)CSA(US), IECEx and GOST (CU) certification.  We work very closely with the worlds major oil service companies and rig system manufacturers.

Hohner Encoders

Hohner Encoders are available for Harardous Areas:

  • Explosion Proof Ex d IIC (Zone 1, Class 1 Div 1)
  • Intrinsically Safe Ex ia IIC / IIB (Zone 0, Class 1 Div 1)
  • Submersible

Safety Barriers and Isolators are available:

  • For Standard Incremental Encoders (Ex ia IIB)
    • IB – Galvanic Isolator Six Channel (Line Driver output)
    • ID – Galvanic Isolator Six Channel (Open Collector output)
  • For NAMUR circuits  (Ex ia IIC):
    • P+F KFD2
    • SOT2 EX2
  • For 4…20 mA circuits  (Ex ia IIC):
    • MTL 5541 

A wide range of standard incremental and absolute encoders is also available (some with high IP ratings), in a range of sizes and features.


 Solid Shaft
 Hollow Shaft


  Parallel Output
  4…20 mA Ramp Output




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    Please visit each of the Hohner Factory Websites to see how their products can match your requirements:

     Hohner United Kingdom

    Hohner Italy

    Hohner Germany

    Hohner North America