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Horne Technologies cc. proudlyworks with and distributes several international manufacturers products in New Zealand. The motors range from small DC brushed and brushless motors through to stepper and servo motors. (click on logos above to jump to relevant section).

Cool Muscle

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From initiation to implementation, Myostat Motion Control provides a full range of quality automation components, integrated servo and stepper motors, and exceptional engineering support for robotics and automated machine manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a single component or a complete actuation solution, Myostat will work with you to choose the right product for the job, optimize performance and provide ongoing technical support.


LAM Technologies

LAM Technologies
LAM Technologies is an Italian manufacturer of components for industrial automation in the market for over 20 years and leader in the motion control field.

Our greatest satisfaction?
Solve your problems of automation!

Constant attention to the customer needs and continuous technological innovation have created a range of high performance products at competitive costs that are widely used in many market segments.

The extraordinary flexibility of the products and their ability to stay on the cutting-edge (for example through the free software upgrading) rarely make feel the need to resort to a custom product and, however, for customers who feel the need of specific technical features, price or size not available in the standard products, LAM Technologies is able to offer an efficient design service that quickly supplies to the customer optimal solutions.

LAM Technologies owns all the know-how used in the development cycle of electronic, mechanical or software and we are always committed to maintaining the high level of quality achieved.

Testing is performed on every single product, mostly with automated systems, for a thorough verification of compliance with the stated technical specifications. The values measured on each product are permanently stored in the company database. Through the only serial number we are able to accurately identify all the parts used (type, manufacturer, lot, etc.) and trace all the activities and people involved in the manufacturing of the product.

We are well-aware that maintaining our customer competitive means consolidating our success and that is why, year after year, we strive hard to provide stability in prices and availability of products from stock. Even in the hardest market times our customers know they can rely on a reliable partner, able to quickly find the solution to their needs.


Empire Magnetics – Motors that Survive!

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Empire Magentics provides quality motor products designed to perform in environments and applications where ordinary motors are unsuitable. Custom systems and modifications are available upon request.

The Empire Magnetics product line features 1.8° hybrid permanent magnet stepping motors and selected brushless servo motors for positioning applications that demand:

  • Sealed motors for wet, dusty or hazardous environments
  • Specialty motors for vacuum, radiation and extreme temperature operation
  • High-power stepper and servo gearmotors
  • Custom motors and system integration services

Our motor products are constructed from the highest quality materials, and are built to order. More than thirty years of motion control experience, including the latest motion control technologies insure that engineering solutions provided by Empire Magnetics are the best available for your application.

Empire Magnetics products are distributed by a nationwide network of motion control sales professionals. Your local distributor carries the drives and controls, and the accessories needed to build a complete motion control system.

  • MOTORS Brushless Motors, Stepper Motors, AC Motors, DC Motors
  • RESOLVERS Motor Mounted & Stand Alone
  • RDE Resolver-to-digital converter
  • Gearheads, Brakes, Cables, Mechanical Modifications

Arcus Technology

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Arcus Technology, a motion control company headquartered in California, USA, is a global supplier of stepper motion control products founded on the principle that innovative motion control solutions can be simple and affordable to our customers.

To fulfill your various communication needs, we provide a wide range of motion products with USB 2.0, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet and CAN communications interfaces.

Arcus products are designed to ease your programming and usage requirements. Extensive range of programs and source code is available to help you get started immediately and maintain the product easily. We provide integrated stepper motor/driver/controller solutions to ease your wiring and connection efforts.

By utilizing innovative technology, streamlined manufacturing, and efficient sourcing methods, we reduce the cost and pass on the savings to our customers. Arcus Technology, a company that is all about helping you, to succeed in motion control applications.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to develop and introduce innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective products to the motion control industry. Our success is measured by the success of our customers, vendors, partners, and Arcus family members.

Arcus focuses on providing motion control in a compact package for greater use of space and efficiency. Our DMX-K-SA-11 packs a NEMA 11 motor, controller and driver into a cross section the size of a 1 inch square. Arcus is constantly developing new closed-loop motion control technology to bring the benefits of position feedback control. We have developed “Smart” drivers and controllers that feature automatic position correction at the cost of a typical stepper motion solution. Arcus Technology strives to provide powerful yet easy to use software packages to our customers. Strong software allows you to bring your motion control application to market quickly and easily. Some examples include: comprehensive standard product GUIs, firmware upgrade software and easy-to-use DXF conversion software.