Cool Muscle Motors from Mysotat

Cool Muscle, a closed loop, fully integrated servo system.

Why have anything but the best.

Cool Muscle Motor

The Cool Muscle line of servo motors provide all the common components required for motion control embedded into the motor itself. That’s right! Stepper motor, Driver, Controller with PLC Function, Encoder for closed loop control, IOs, and several different interface options possible, all in one neat package.

 The seamless integration of both software and hardware components creates highly efficient motion modules that can be easily integrated into existing designs, or used to shorten the development cycle of your new machine.

The Cool Muscle outperforms traditional servo and stepper systems by virtue of the controller’s multiple closed feed- back loops with the driver and high resolution encoder. Short wire lengths reduce susceptibility to EMI and noise, while removing servo and encoder cables that often add considerable cost, inventory, and complexity. On-board PLC function- ality also reduces machine component count and costs, and allows for modern, elegant machine design. A variety of industrial buses are available for communications and networking with third party host controllers.


MODEL 11L30 11S30 17L30 17S30 23L20 23S30
Max rpm 3000 3000 3000 3000 2000 3000
Continuous torque Nm 0.055 0.027 0.36 0.084 0.89 0.3
Peak Torque(Nm) 0.078 0.039 0.53 0.12 1.24 0.42

Load inertia (g-cm2 )

180 80 760 380 4600 1400

Motor inertia (g-cm2 )

18 8 74 36 360 100

Current A Rated (Peak) 

1.2 (1.5) 0.8 (1.0) 1.5 (1.8) 0.8 (1.0) 2.6 (3.4) 3.9 (5.1)


Key features

  • Fully closed loop system, running a high-resolution magnetic encoder with a driver board. Which eliminates missed steps. All in 1 package.

  • Smooth and incredibly accurate movements, the high- resolution magnetic encoder has a resolution up to 50 000. Using a vector control system, which uses phase current sensors which are built in. This easily optimizes torque in all use cases.

  • Energy efficiency, up to 75% energy savings. The motors can also be run off batteries, which works effectively for companies who run off solar.

  • There are multiple interface options, P type which is a pulse train, C type which is a pc interface or embedded computer or PLC discrete I/O or analogue input and R type which is CML commands.

  • All motors are programable using CML and logic banks. They also have pre programmed functions. Logic programming and PLC functionality.

  • Torque control and feedback, using the integrated current and position sensors help to maintain sophisticated torque control during workloads. With peak torque being easily set within the motion programs.

  • 2-Axes Co-ordinated motion, utilizing a 2+ motor daisy chain network. This allows for tasks such as dispensing, cutting, inspection.


Communications and network interface options.

  • Ethercat, EtherNet/IP, CANopen, Modbus.

  • The Ethercat bridge allows 4 servos to be attached to the Ethercat network, this reduces the cost per axis.


CM3 Cool Muscle Motor

Closed-Loop Control


The closed-loop control system maintains a minimal deviation between the encoder feedback and the commanded position within a defined range. Speed ripple is reduced, positional repeatability is increased, and heat generation is managed by tightly controlling the current in the motor’s windings.



1. Improved positioning repeatability.

2. Reduced speed ripple results in quieter operation, and higher energy efficiency.

3. Responsive motor correction to dynamic load changes or collisions.

Vector Control


The CM3 utilizes vector control which enables seamless motion without microstepping between angular increments; resulting in reduced vibration and noise. Torque is optimized in real time and responds to dynamic loading conditions which drastically improves the torque/power density, and efficiency of the motor.


1. Energy savings through precise torque control

2. Efficient and consistent control though the entire speed range of the motor.

3. Accurate control during acceleration resulting in higher rates and cycling frequencies.

MODEL 17S50 (+) 17L50 (+) 23S5 (+) 23L50 (+)
Max rpm 5000
Continuous / Peak Torque  (Nm) 0.25/0.32 0.42/0.65 0.36/0.45 1.2/1.5
Current (A) Rated/Peak  3.5/4.8 4/5 4/5 5/6