Stepper Motors

Low cost, effective, simple motion systems

Stepper Motors, Drives, Controllers, available from Horne Technologies

Integrated Stepper Motors

Integrated stepper motors are those that have a drive/controller usually an encoder integrated onto the motor itself. The encoder permits closed loop running of the stepper motors, allowing higher accuracy.

 We are able to supply motors from Nema 8 through to Nema 34, offering a range of size and torque. See below for overviews of the integrated motors we can supply. 



Stepper Motors

  • With the optional built-in controller, share a single power supply with up to 3 devices and daisy-chain data with up to 99 devices; stand-alone controllers also available
  • Optional motor encoders provide slip/stall detection and recovery
  • Up to 3000 mm rpm and 1.8 N⋅m torque

Zaber offers a wide selection of stepper motors. Most motorized stepper motors are available with optional built-in controllers and encoders.

NMS Family — Stepper Motors

  • NEMA size 08 to 34 stepper motors offer a range of size and torque
  • Optional away sensor
  • Automatic detection and controller configruation
  • Power-off brake option for load protection during power interrupts
Best Accuracy Best Repeatability Highest Speed Highest Torque
(4.362500 mrad)
< 0.1°
(< 1.745 mrad)
(3000 rpm)
525 N⋅cm
(743.5 oz⋅in)

To read more on the Zaber integrated stepper motors, click on the image below.

Photo of the X-NMS-E



Cool Muscle

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From initiation to implementation, Myostat Motion Control provides a full range of quality automation components, integrated servo and stepper motors, and exceptional engineering support for robotics and automated machine manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a single component or a complete actuation solution, Myostat will work with you to choose the right product for the job, optimize performance and provide ongoing technical support.


Nema Size Stepper Motors

We have a vailable  wide range of stepper motors which are characterized by high torque, compact size and competitive price. We work closely with a number of international manufacturers such as Arcus, Lam Technologies, Mclennan and Cool Muscle along with many more. This allows us to import a wide range of motors, from micro motors to Nema 42 motors.

We offer high quality stepper motors in combination with drives to provide a modern and performing motion control solution. Our stepper motors are in standard NEMA flanges which facilitate their installation both on already existing systems and on new applications.

We can also supply effective drives, gearheads, encoders and multiaxis controllers, depending on your requirements.

Working with you, our clients, we determine which brand and model will work best for your particular use case. This makes the experience for you easy and effective, through this we gain a lasting relationship with you.


Stepper Motors 

We can supply stepper motors ranging in size from Nema 11 through to Nema 42, with torque ranging from 0.1Nm through to 29Nm. Please visit our suppliers linked below for full details on options and ranges 


Please contact us for assisstance in finding the Stepper Motors System solution you require.

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