Stelltron – A story of 3D printers

Horne Technologies is primarily focused on high-end, high-precision electromechanical, motion control and optical systems and components. However we also have a “Tinkerers Section”. Stelltron ( It’s where engineers and tinkerers can get components for prototyping, innovating, testing and trialing ideas. Within Stelltron, we have also made a big push into excellent, but cost effective 3D printers. Systems that work, help, and give results.

This post is the first in a series, where we explore some different aspects of Horne Technologies and its different departments. We hope you enjoy learning something more about us, and we most certainly hope that we can be of assistance to you with any requirements you may have. Read more on what we can do on our website here, or here. 


Over the years Stelltron and Horne Technologies have been involved in a few 3D printer related projects. Along the way we have made friends with some great machines and we have met their owners. Going through our old pictures from repair work and from WhatsApps I realized we have had an interesting time ……. read more