Vision Research Phantom

Phantom v2640

The world’s fastest 4Mpx camera reaches 26Gpx/sec and offers unprecedented image quality

6,600 fps at full resolution of 2048 x 1952, 11,750 fps at 1920 x 1080
Exceptional image quality, with Dynamic Range of 64 dB and Noise level of 7.2 e-
Superb Sensitivity, with ISO Monochrome 16,000D; Color 3,200D
142ns minimum exposure with the FAST option
10Gb Ethernet standard
The v2640 features very high dynamic range (64 dB) and the lowest noise floor of any Phantom camera (7.2 e-)—making it an excellent tool for researchers, scientists and engineers who need to capture clean, high-resolution images at ultra-high speeds. The high dynamic range shows significant detail, especially in high-contrast environments, while the low noise is particularly beneficial when analyzing the dark regions of an image. It also has exceptional light sensitivity, with an ISO measurement of 16,000D for monochrome cameras and 3,200D for color cameras.